The whole world witnesses that only the mind can gives us joy and sorrow. It depends on the thinking of human being. Amrit Bindu Upnishad says “man ev manusiyaram karamnaband mokshiyam” The mind of man is the cause of bondage (sorrow) and release (joy). The more positive and hopeful the mind the more we feel relax, the more we feel relax the more close we come to our soul. People think that we will be happy after we get prosperity, but it doesn’t work because who is not happy today how can he be happy tomorrow.

We don’t know how to relax our mind properly and spend our whole life with confusions. The yogic science tells us how to develop our immunity power to improve our health. Yoga Sadhna is to hear the voice of our own soul by relaxing our mind, body and soul. Now-a-days in spite of in short of time people are curious about yoga and nature care, so we are considering the whole thing we organise travelling yoga with spa. Travel is our part of life. We can feel the elements of nature and increase internal peace by travelling natural and peaceful places.

We have tied-up with many properties in all over Uttarakhand thus you can dynamically rejuvenate yourself by our special yoga classes while away from crowded & polluted mega cities.With our featured travel yoga program, we accomplish all the tour arrangement from hotel/resort booking to cab services, with our Travel Experts & Yoga Gurus, we have made an innovative program to make your travel hassle free and to make your mind and body relaxed and invigorated.