Beauty is a god gift. Which comes form mind-body-soul balance. These are two types inner and outer beauty. Inner Beauty- which means such as silence , intelligence, graceful, sincerity, entireness, conscious and purity and Outer Beauty which means physical apprentice such as charm, healthy, vigorous, sexiness, slim, symmetry, and glowness.Yog is the systematic method which can help us to show beauty honestly.

Different technique of yoga which remove toxicity by natural excritory organs from body ,mostly person think that beauty is to be miss world, miss universe and miss India it may be right physical appearance is first impression inspired of outer beauty, inner beauty is key of susses and happiness.Beauty yoga gives you a peaceful and calm environment to improve your physical, mental social and spiritual aspects of well being.

Special Beauty Yoga classes for you

  • You should do shat karm [organ purification] to purify the toxins of body. Shat karm purification balance three doshas in the body: kapha[mucus], pitta[bile] and vata[wind].
  • If you know the impotence of health and wealth for your family and social life.then beauty is must for you.