What is NAAD Yog –

NAAD Yog is one of the most effective ancient meditation system in India. As the name suggests NAAD Yog philosophy says that this entire universe – flora and fauna including non-living things too, consists of sound vibrations. While performing NAAD Yog, one can feel these vibrations even without the help of our sensory organs. As NAAD Yog enhances our capacity to awaken the inner sensitivity in all beings. A divine vital energy flows within ourselves with the waves of NAAD.


Ahata                          Anahata

External Sound          Internal Sound

The Ahata can be experienced through sensory organs in which mechanical energy is converted into electro-chemical energy and then transformation of sensation of sounds in the brain takes place whereas by practicing deep meditation ‘Anahata’, we can experience internal sounds. For this, normal sensory organ is not required.

Benefits of NAAD Yog –

  • NAAD Yog as music/wave therapy can cure many diseases, whether psychological, mental, physiological or physical.
  • It also changes our mental conditions from pain to pleasure, from sadness to joy, from unrest to peace
  • It boosts our confidence, reduces stress and anxiety and depression/fear/anger.
  • This can also help to minimize the outburst in the form of aggressive behaviour and terrorism.

Aims of the Programme –

Experience of inner peace, tranquillity, rejuvenation and delightfulness with bliss joy (in silence).

  • Improvement in the level of concentration in adolescents
  • Remarkable changes in psychological scales like –
  • Reduction in aggression, anxiety, fear, fear
  • Removal of depression, while facing rejection in academics as well as in personal or social relations
  • Ability to face challenges and avoid overreaction like fight, murder or consumption of drugs (addictions)
  • Acceptance of failure/low academic grades/embarrassment in social or peer group.

How to perform the session of NAAD Yog –

It is a 22 minutes session, which includes two parts,

  1. Pranayam
  2. Meditation

Pranayam –

will be of 16 minutes, includes four sub-sessions of four minutes each of the following

  1. Kapabhati
  2. Bhastrika
  • AnulomVilom
  1. Ahem (vibrating sound)

Duration – 16 minutes


Lying down on firm surface in relax position in a quiet, dark place.

It will done by listening natural sounds, followed by focusing on breathing for 30 seconds at the end of the session.

Duration – 6 minutes.

  • Boosting concentration power and memory.
  • Increasing attention and interest in class room.
  • Improved focus and better cognitive and intellectual performance.
  • Commendable energy throughout the day.
  • Calm and cool mind.
  • Rise in intelligent quotient (IQ)
  • Reduction in the level of stress and anxiety
  • Increased brain functions/efficiency
  • Significant reduction in depressive symptoms
  • Noticeable positive change in behaviour (social as well as personal)